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Oaks – California’s Primary Old Growth Resource

An Inventory of Carbon and California Oaks

California Counties With Oak Landscapes

Oaks, CEQA, Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change

Oaks 2040

Oak Inventory by Region

Oak Index

Oak Slide Show

Out on a Limb with Mistletoe — by  of Bay Nature Magazine

To Prune Or Not To Prune by Rosi Dagit and A. James Downer
A study of 62 coast live oaks, before, during, and after transplantation.

Evaluating Your Oak’s Net Worth by Rosi Dagit and the Topanga-Los Virgenes Resource Conservation District

Tree Protection Ordinances

Species Dependent upon Oak Woodlands for Food and Shelter.

Fire in California’s Oak Woodlands

Restoring Native California Oaks on Grazed Rangelands

For further information, the publications below may be of some help:

Acorns and Eat’em: A How-to Vegetarian Acorn Cookbook by Suellen Ocean available on

Free — A Field Guide to Insects and Disease of California Oaks by Ted Swiecki and Elizabeth Bernhardt, published by USDA Forest Service, (PDF Format)

Free —Compatible Plants Under and Around Oaks. by Bruce W. Hagen, Barrie Coate and Keith Oldham, published by COF (PDF Format)Free — Investigating the Oak Community , by Kay Antunez de Mayolo, published by COF (PDF Format)

Free — Regenerating Rangeland Oaks in California. by Douglas D. McCreary, published by University of California Press.